Current vacancies

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University of Strathclyde (Prof Thorsten Ackemann & Dr Gordon  Robb)

Self-organized spin and density ordering of cold atoms in cavities

Optomechanics and nonlinear optics involving orbital angular momentum

Glasgow University (Dr Sonja Franke-Arnold)

Phase coherent generation and atomic storage of structured light

Institute Non Lineaire De Nice (Dr Robin Kaiser)

PhD on Radiation pressure instabilities in cold atoms

PhD on Cooperative scattering of light in cold atomic clouds

Universita degli Sudi di Milano (Prof Nicola Piovella)

Collective recoil lasing in 3D ultracold atomic clouds

Universitaet Muenster (Prof Cornelia Denz)

Structured light for optical trapping

details coming soon  click here to email department for information 

Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen (Dr Sebastian Slama)

Novel dipole traps for ultracold atoms

Universitaet des Saarlandes (Prof. Giovanna Morigi)

Quantum interference in optically dense media
details coming soon  click here to email department for information

                                                                  Quantum correlations between spins & motion in cavity optomechanics (closed)


eth zUERICH (Prof. Tilman Esslinger)

Experimental PhD position in quantum simulations of long-range interacting many-body systems (closed)


Universitaet Innsbruck (Prof Helmut Ritsch)

PhD opportunity in theory of cavity assisted atomic selfordering (closed)

m squared(Dr Nils Hempler)

Ti:Sapphire and VECSEL technology for cold atom applications

Toptica Photonics AG (Dr Juergen Stuhler)

High power tunable diode lasers for rubidium applications

Holoeye Photonics AG (Dr Grigory Lasarev)

Optimization of LCOS spatial light modulators towards photonic applications