The school is for PhD students and postdocs in the field.  There are a limited number of bursary places available for students from developing countries, and some other student bursaries. Interested parties are invited to apply for the bursary using the application form below.

There are two types of student bursary available:

  1. Developing countries – flight and accommodation
  2. Student bursary – contribution to accommodation only


Deadline for application: 5th February 2019 

If you are applying for a  bursary please do not register for the event on the registration page.

 What do I need to apply for a bursary?

  • Short statement for why you would benefit from attending the event (200 words maximum as PDF document for upload)
  • Letter of support from your supervisor (as a scanned PDF for upload)
  • Poster title and a short abstract of 150 words

The letter should make a case a why you should participate in the school. The letter should be on official paper from your organisation and be signed by your supervisor.

  • For the developing country bursary, either the letter of the supervisor or your statement needs to commit to paying the bursary registration fee of €200 (or £176).
  • For the student bursary, either the letter of the supervisor or your statement needs to indicate the level of bursary requested to enable you to attend the school and commit to pay the difference to the early bird rate of €600.
  • For the developing country bursary please indicate the return flight price from your nearest airport to Munich.



The bursary applications will be considered by the organising committee on a case by case basis. The results of the bursary application will be announced by email. At this stage we will ask successful applicants to confirm their place by paying the bursary fee. In all cases the bursary awardees will be expected to pay the bursary registration fee before your place at the event is confirmed.