Light scattering in optically dense media

Aleksei Konovalov, Universität des Saarlandes

I my research I am Interested in theoretical modeling of light scattering in optically dense media, particularly I am looking how different quantum interference processes impact on the properties of the scattered light. The outcome of my research is a coarse-grained Master equation for ensemble of multilevel quantum emitters (atoms, molecules, quantum dots). This developed theoretical approach consequently includes interference between different channels of light scattering. These results are relevant for high precision spectroscopy of dilute atomic clouds and for the development of the atomic clocks.

The solution for the remaining Master equation demonstrates non-trivial shifts for spectrum of scattered light caused by multilevel interference. A superradiant medium of two 3-level atoms demonstrates shifts of spectral lines versus the interatomic distance. Besides well-known mechanisms as the Collective Lamb shift we distinguish another contribution to this shifts due to the multilevel interference. Please see below for our results published on 

In the current moment I am investigating the non-Markovian corrections (i.e. the reservoir memory effects) in dynamics of 2-level systems. Particularly I am interested in the corrections to the Exponential decay law, which are known as so-called Power decay law. These effects can be relevant for thermodynamics of open quantum systems.

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