Novel optical trapping geometries based on complex light fields

Valeria Bobkova, UMUEN,(WP2)

Complex light fields are synthesized via SLMs and used to create complex trapping potentials including transversely resolved polarization vector fields, first demonstrated with microscopic particles (beads), then transferred to atoms with UGLAS.

Objectives: 1. Realization of complex 2D optical light fields (defects, aperiodic, chaotic, vortex structures). 2. Characterization of resulting potential landscapes and trapping properties. 3. Extend the developed techniques to facilitate 3D trapping potentials.
Expected Results: 1. Experimental observation of novel trapping geometries. 2. Proof-of-principle of trapping features of complex geometries for microscopic particles (dielectric beads). 3. Demonstration of 2D and 3D optomechanical trapping. 4. Implementation in atomic system with UGLAS.
Planned secondment(s): 1. HOLO,  2. USTRAT, 3. UGLAS,


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