Optomechanics and nonlinear optics involving orbital angular momentum

Giuseppe Baio, USTRAT (WP2)

This project investigates theoretically the interaction of structured light with cold atoms with a focus on beams carrying OAM. Nonlinearities based on optomechanical forces, internal states and quantum coherences are considered. Multi-level density matrices are used in the semi-classical limit and coupled to paraxial propagation equations and opto-mechanical forces.

Objectives: 1. Investigate mechanisms for transfer of coherence between light and cold atoms via OAM. 2. Investigate collective nonlinear interactions involving OAM including both internal (electronic) and optomechanical nonlinearities. 3. Understand the interaction between fractional OAM beams and cold atoms (optical sprinklers). 4. Investigate the transfer of quantum entanglement from down-converted OAM beams to cold atoms.
Expected Results: 1. Semiclassical theory and simulation of nonlinear interactions between integer OAM beams and cold atoms. 2. Characterization of nonlinear interactions between OAM beams and cold atoms. 3. Theory and simulation of interactions between fractional OAM beams and cold atoms. 4. Quantum theory of entanglement transfer from OAM beams light to cold atoms.
Planned secondment(s): 1. UMUEN,  2. UGLAS,  3. HOLO

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