High power tunable diode lasers for rubidium applications

Antonello Matteo, TOPTICA

This project optimizes master-slave configurations based on tunable semiconductor lasers and tapered amplifiers with respect to power, reliability, stability and linewidth, noise background and extends the available frequency range to 700-750 nm forblue detuned traps.

Objectives: 1. Develop high power cw single frequency diode lasers. 2. Characterize long term power stability and test methods to increase it. 3. Develop lasers with optimized frequency stability (long term, short term). 4. Characterize passive frequency stability and demonstrate active frequency stabilization.
Expected Results: 1. Technology to realize higher power tunable, single frequency diode lasers. 2. Technology to realize optimized frequency stability of tunable, single frequency diode lasers. 3. Improved handling of frequency-stabilized diode lasers.
Specific Research and Training of ESR: 1. External cavity diode laser technology. 2. Semiconductor optical amplifier technology. 3. Frequency stabilization methods and technical implementations. 4. Applications of ECLDs in research and industry.
Planned secondment(s): 1. EKUT, 2. IFSC, 3. UWIS 4. CNRS.

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