Phase coherent generation and storage of structured light in an atomic vapour

Francesco Castellucci ( WP 2) UGLAS

This project implements arbitrarily structured light distribution via SLMs and their phase coherent and phase sensitive storage in the quantum coherences (EIT, dark states) of cold atom ensembles. The atomic states are visualised by advanced 3D fluorescence imaging techniques.

Objectives: 1. Generation and measurement of arbitrary 3D light structures, including those correlated in polarization and mode profile (in collaboration with ESR2.3), and their visualization by atomic scattering. 2. Characterization of phase-dependent electro-magnetically induced transparency (EIT). 3. Generation and observation of arbitrary structured dark states in cold atoms. 4. Observation and characterization of structured light storage in cold atoms. 5. Optomechanical effects and trapping in complex light distributions (aided by theory of ESR 2.2).
Expected Results: 1. Control and characterization of correlations in polarization and spatial profile of light. 2. Generation of arbitrary 3D potentials for applications in dipole trapping. 3. Demonstration of structured light for quantum memory applications
Planned secondments: 1. UMUEN  2. HOLO 3. USAAR, 4. Continuous interaction with USTRAT.

PhD thesis

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