Quantum interference in optically dense media

Aleksei Konovalov, USAAR

Quantum interference in the decay channels of a multilevel atom is expected to modify the resonance fluorescence spectrum. Its effect on the dynamics of photon scattering in an optically dense medium is to a large extent unknown. The purpose of this project is to derive a theory based on a many-body master equation for multi-level atoms and to analyse the interplay between quantum interference and dipole-dipole interactions on radiation transport.

Objectives: 1. Master equation for dynamics of photon scattering in media of multi-level atoms, accounting for quantum interference in the decay channels. 2. Characterization of the effect of quantum interference on radiation transport and localization. 3. Extension of the model to Rydberg atomic ensembles
Expected Results: 1. Full characterization of radiation transport in optically dense media 2. Identification of the basic elements of the dynamics for implementing efficient transport in presence of noise and disorder.
Planned secondment(s): 1. DFKI, 2. CNRS, 3. UWIS.

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