Self-organized spin and density ordering of thermal atoms in cavities

Adrián Costa Boquete, USTRAT

( WP1 & WP4)

This project investigates experimentally self-organization in longitudinally pumped multi-mode degenerate cavities containing cold thermal atoms (Fig. 3b). We will explore spontaneous magnetic ordering via light mediated interactions and density structures due to optomechanical interaction and their mutual interaction. We will infer the atomic state distribution
from the polarization and space resolved transmitted field and suitable probe beams. Objectives: 1. Provide basis for novel scheme for magnetic ordering for quantum simulation. 2. Achieve 2D spin self-organization in a cavity. 3. Explore the interaction of spin and density patterns. 4. Explore the possibility of 3D structures.
Expected Results: 1. Observation of magnetic ordering. 2. Understanding the interplay of internal and external degrees of freedom. 3. Characterization of 3D structure. 4. New paradigm for quantum simulation of magnetic ordering established.
Planned secondments: 1. CNRS,  2. M2,  3. USAAR, 4. ETHZ

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