Ti:Sapphire and VECSEL technology for cold atom applications

James Doogan M2, (WP4)

This project advances Ti:Sapphire lasers with respect to performance, cost and usability in cold atom physics. Linewidth reduction and cavity locking is addressed. Optically pumped semiconductor disk lasers or VECSELs are established as sources in the 940-1060 nm region where they could be used for far detuned optical lattices.

Objectives: 1. Develop optimised, cavity-locked Ti:Sapphire laser. 2. Investigate low-cost and high-power Ti:Sapphire laser for A/O physics application. 3. Develop cavity stabilised VECSEL system and understand polarization behaviour.
Expected Results: 1. Full understanding of novel pump source geometries for low-cost and high power, cavity-locked Ti:Sapphire Lasers. 2. Cavity-locked VECSEL system. 3. Commercial outcomes from exploitation of new & updated laser sources and associated electronics modules.
Specific Research and Training of ESR: 1. Diode-pumped solid state laser design. 2. Semiconductor disk laser design. 3. Electronics for cavity stabilisation and frequency locking. 4. Critical engineering aspects working with focussed teams
Planned secondments: 1. USTRAT  2. IFSC,  3. UWIS 4. USTRAT  5. EKUT

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