ColOpt at UniKorn Poster Session 16th June 2021

Our ColOpt Early Stage Researcher Giuseppe Baio presented a poster at the UniKorn Seminar  hosted by the British Optomechanical Research Network earlier this week on 16th June 2021. Giuseppe’s poster made the prize shortlist.

Rotating and spiralling spatial dissipative solitons of light and cold atoms
Giuseppe Baio, University of Strathclyde
Clouds of cold neutral atoms driven by a coherent beam of light exhibit self-structured states,
transversally with respect to the beam axis. For parameter regimes where atomic density
modulations induced by optomechanical forces are prominent, dynamical localized structures of light and atoms are observed, where optomechanical transport can be engineered by means of phase structured input fields. By appropriately tailoring the phase structure, one can induce
rotating or spiralling motion of such optomechanical cavity solitons and interacting soliton chains. We also discuss the feature of soliton-soliton interactions with the cold-atom optomechanical nonlinearity and the stability of multiple bound states.