ColOpt colleagues at YAO 2018

Our colleague Robin Kaiser (INLN) was an invited speaker at YAO 2018, giving a presentation titled “Coherent Light scattering by cold atoms: from Anderson to
Dicke and back”.

Three ESRs were selected to present talks: Arthur Jungkind (UINN) Cavity QED in the blue detuned regime, Xiangliang Li ( ETHZ) Self organisation of Ultracold atoms in two crossed
cavities across the atomic resonance, and Francesco Castellucci ( UGLAS)Spatially dependent Electromagnetically Induced Transparency. While posters from Giuseppe Baio ( USTRAT) Optomechanical self-structuring of cold atoms involving orbital angular momentum & Adrián Costa-Boquete ( USTRAT) Self-organized spin and density ordering of cold atoms in cavities.