Quantum and Classical Systems with Long-Range interactions (ICQT19)


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Long-range interactions decaying as an inverse power-law in the separation between the system constituents are ubiquitous in nature. Prime examples are fundamental forces like gravity and electrostatic Coulomb forces. The past decade has witnessed a surge in interest in the field, be it in the statistical physics community studying the peculiar dynamic and thermodynamic properties of longrange systems, or, within the atomic and quantum many-body physics community, where long-range interactions have been engineered in ion trap experiments, ultracold atomic and molecular gases, cavity quantum electrodynamics, and others.

While noteworthy progress has been made in many directions, research in the different sub-fields has been only weakly connected. Furthermore, while the equilibrium properties have received a lot of attention, the process of equilibration appears to be as rich with many surprises but which has been much less explored. All these call for a timely overview of the common characteristics, methods, and challenges in the study of the dynamics of long-range systems. This workshop aims to be an up-to-date account of this rapidly evolving topic by gathering members from the different communities who will discuss fundamental results as well as applications to experimental results.

This workshop will be a Satellite Meeting of StatPhys27, the largest conference on statistical physics to be held during 8-12 July, 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The main topics that will be discussed at the workshop:

  • Statistical physics of long-range interacting systems;
  • Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics;
  • Thermalization of classical and quantum systems;
  • Long-range interactions in cold atomic gases;
  • Ion trap-based long-range spin systems;
  • Dipolar physics and Rydberg atoms;
  • Classical and quantum magnetism.